A great winter cleanser


I recently starting using REN No.1 Purity Cleansing Balm and thought I would quickly let everyone know my thoughts on it. Firstly, a balm cleanser is a great option for dry skin. Secondly, this particular cleansing balm works amazingly at dissolving makeup, especially my water resistant BB cream and eye makeup. After massaging the balm in for a minute or two you just add water to turn it from an oil to a milky substance, remove with a cleansing cloth and rinse. Sure, it does take a bit more time to use than an ordinary cleansing milk, but I feel it is much more thorough. I have been using it at night to remove makeup and it leaves my skin very soft and supple. Here are some of the plant oils and extracts it contains:

20130624-205753.jpgIt smells quite a bit like rose, which could bother some people, but I love products that have noticeable natural scents. I used to use REN years ago and I love the brand. These extensively researched and tested products are 100% plant and mineral based, and free from sulfates, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance and other not-so-desirable ingredients. They don’t test on animals and most of their products are vegan, with exception of honey and beeswax used in their lip balms. I give this cleansing balm and the brand a big thumbs up!


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