My latest Hey Gorgeous haul

These are the products I bought at the recent Hey Gorgeous brunch. I had some products in mind that weren’t being sold at the brunch, so I will save those for another month (so more reviews to come!) and enjoy these absolutely fabulous goodies instead.


The first thing I tried was the French Roast Vanilla Bean Salt Scrub which is fantastic. I know I tend to gush but there is really nothing is dislike about Hey Gorgeous’ offerings, seriously. I haven’t tried a scrub that uses salt as opposed to sugar and quite frankly I prefer it. Coffee is also in my top five favourite things ever, so I just love the smell of this. The blend of scrubby salt and moisturizing oils was just right.


Second up, I finally tried one of their facial products, the Rose Facial Toner, which includes rose water and glycerine. It is a lovely natural, gentle (alcohol free) toner which is refreshing and hydrating. Caroline Hirons has twisted my rubber arm and now I am doing the double toning thing, and this is the perfect hydrating toner to use after the AHA one. Hope I got the right end of the stick on this issue (confirm please, fellow Hirons fans)! It is also pink. Enough said.


I have just finished up my Ginger Rose Whipped Mousse and so I am now the proud owner of the Choc Mint variant. I found the texture a lot more like whipped cream than my rose one, but I guess as each is individually made they probably won’t always be 100% the same. The effect is the same though, as it is immediately absorbed and leaves skin completely soft and moisturized with no residue at all. The smell is divine, but I find it doesn’t linger on my skin for as long as the ginger rose version.


The foot scrub I haven’t used yet. I fully intend to get stuck into my feet at some point, but I have been so busy and my feet a low priority. So look out for the Orange Ginger & Cayenne Pepper Foot Scrub review in the next week or so! 🙂


10 thoughts on “My latest Hey Gorgeous haul

  1. Heather de Bruin says:

    oooh I just lurve lurve lurve My French Roast Vanilla Bean scrub too and this morning I tried for the first time my Vanilla Body Mousse 🙂 see the smile. Hey Gorgeous is a winner. Love your post Bronwyn x

    • Mother City Mom says:

      Did you try the Clarins exfoliating one? It seems really gentle, I’ve been using it every night and it seems to be improving my skin. Something is taking the fine lines away, not sure what product it is!

  2. Lisa-Jade says:

    You really won’t be disappoint with the Orange Ginger and Cayenne Pepper foot scrub, it’s absolute bliss! You’ll feel the different from the first use.

    And the French Roast and Vanilla Bean Salt scrub… *blissful sigh*.

    Thanks for the review 🙂

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