Ginger Orange & Cayenne Pepper Foot Scrub

My feet generally look like I’ve been on a barefoot trek across the Sahara. In summer I do make an effort, slather them in body butter at night and put polish on my toenails, but nothing short of an electric sander is going to keep my feet soft. I bought this foot scrub from Hey Gorgeous because I liked the idea of orange and ginger, and it smells wonderfully like orange (which reminds me of summer). This sugar scrub contains ginger, jojoba, grape seed and sweet almond oils, orange zest and cayenne pepper. It’s really invigorating and the oils leave your feet soft, but as gross as it is to mention, you would have to give your feet a good filing first if you’ve got heels like mine! I should honestly just go for a decent pedicure and then do maintenance, but my feet come in dead last on my priority list. I think it would also make a great body scrub to wake you up and boost your circulation in the mornings. The smell would perk anyone up, and the scent of citrus is pretty unisex.



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2 thoughts on “Ginger Orange & Cayenne Pepper Foot Scrub

  1. Lauren says:

    I am still dying to get my hands on some of the Hey Gorgeous products. I can just imagine how invigorating this smell must be!

  2. geewhiskerscharlene says:

    I love Pedicures and the best part is the foot scrubs they use to exfoliate. My Sister and I sometimes give each other pedicures so this would be great to get for those sessions.

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