My facial and makeover with Decleor & Stila

Charlene from Gee Whiskers was invited for a complimentary Decleor facial and Stila makeover at Woolworths in Canal Walk, but wasn’t able to attend, so she kindly passed the invitation on to me. Being a big Stila fan (as you might have noticed) and very curious about Decleor, I was really excited to take the opportunity.

I had no idea that Woolworths in Canal Walk had a therapy room tucked away in a corner, and a wonderfully ambient one at that. The therapist was really informative, friendly and very patient with my child who got bored halfway through my facial and started being a bit of a pest. My favourite Decleor products used were the Aroma Cleanse Phytopeel Exfolating Cream and the Ultra-Moisturising & Plumping Expert Mask, both of which I will consider buying myself. The mask massages into an oil and can be left on overnight. It also has a plumping effect and will diminish fine lines. The eye cream did make my eyes burn a bit and water a lot for the rest of the day, but my skin felt great.

I have never considered putting makeup on after a facial but I didn’t want to miss out on my Stila makeover, so I headed there afterwards. Anastatia did some very light makeup, including the Hydrating Primer SPF30 and Illuminating Liquid Foundation in 40 watts. I will definitely be getting these to review because I loved the way my skin looked and felt all day. I took a photo before I went, just BB cream, mascara and lip gloss, and then one afterwards.


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