My Shopping List

This is a bit of a replacement for my usual “On my Radar” posts, because those are 70% wishful thinking and this is my actual shopping list between now and September when Spring finally springs. The Chanel Rouge Coco in Mystique is part of the autumn range so I will have to wait a bit for that, but the others are available right now. It’s been a mission to find the Lancôme Blush in Love palettes, not being able to trawl the mall during school holidays. Ever tried makeup shopping with a four year old trying to suicidally jump out of the trolley and run away? Yes, well, don’t. Today is the first day of the school term, so I am hitting Canal Walk on a serious mission, in flat shoes.



4 thoughts on “My Shopping List

  1. geewhiskerscharlene says:

    Amazing products! Love the Dior and Chanel of course. Heard great things about the Bobbi Brown concealer 🙂

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