The Hey Gorgeous Fill-A-Tub Movement

Well, it’s Mandela Day today and because Hey Gorgeous products are environmentally friendly, locally produced and all natural they have extended their spirit of “do no harm” to some great new initiatives. I am a big supporter of recycling, so I think the Hey Gorgeous “Fill-a-Tub movement” is a great idea. Basically, Hey Gorgeous are offering a R200 voucher to whoever comes up with the best second use for a Hey Gorgeous tub or bottle. In addition, the winning idea will also have R200 donated to their favourite charity! You can tweet your pics to @heygorgeousSA.

Below are some ways I’ve used my old Hey Gorgeous tubs. Excuse the terrible pictures, but I had to use my BlackBerry to take the photos. If you have kids there are a hundred things you can store in the tubs, from crayons to art supplies…all those little things like beads and scrapbooking thingamajigs.

pizap.com13741341243201I also used some glittery gold sticker designs to turn one tub from drab to fab, and the options for actually decorating your tubs are endless. The 250g tubs are the perfect size to fit cotton wool pads, so that is what I have used my blinged-out tub for. I doubt my hasty photos will be winning any prizes, but I thought I would share my ideas. We also use one as a bath toy (pouring and making “potions” is fun to a four year old) and one as a snack tub for the car.


Lastly, Hey Gorgeous has also teamed up with Operation Shoebox (which is like the Santa Shoebox Project, giving Christmas boxes to underprivileged children) and 10% of your Hey Gorgeous order can be donated to this awesome cause by mailing and mentioning you want to donate. So get entering and ordering!

For more information on these initiatives you can read Leana Henke’s blog post on Hipstyler, pretty and Ginger.


8 thoughts on “The Hey Gorgeous Fill-A-Tub Movement

  1. Chelsea says:

    Not sure where I can post my idea but in the spirit of giving back I would fill the tub with coins that usually just lie around and when I’m done I would donate it to a charity. That way it’s the gift that keeps on giving! 🙂

  2. Chereen Strydom says:

    Such fantastic ideas! I love the gold decal decorated tub… and I’ll definitely be stealing your snack tub idea when Noah is a bit older! And good on Hey Gorgeous for giving back! Even more reason to love them 🙂

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