I got brave with some Stila eye colours

I am the queen of neutral eyeshadows. I only ever choose browns, nudes, taupes and pale gold colours and steer away from colour on my eyes. But the summer makeup collections coming out have made me quite keen to ease into some eye colour before the hot weather arrives and I get myself some turquoise eyeliner. I swear Chanel has a pretty one for summer, if I am not having a blonde moment.

My love affair with Stila Smudge Crayons continues, so I headed over to their stand and picked up two more colourful variations, Pink Violet and Midnight Blue. The great thing about these Smudge Crayons is that you can use them as a shadow or a liner, but I intend to use them as eyeliner for now…not quite bold enough to use them as shadows on the whole lid! But I’ve discovered they actually look great when paired with the two Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tints I got a while ago. The pink violet doesn’t show up too well in the photo though it is vivid and looks lovely in real life. I’ve done a quick video below to demonstrate them.


I admit the violet doesn’t show up much at all and this video should have been titled “how to create a mad-looking blue eye”. Not my finest hour, yet again. But here goes…


5 thoughts on “I got brave with some Stila eye colours

  1. charlu18 says:

    I’m terrible with makeup, have so much to learn (31 isnt too late, right?). And the very few eye colours I do own are neutrals! Both of these look really pretty on you. 🙂

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