Lancôme Rouge in Love Jolis Matins

There are so many lipsticks I would love to try, but I find I never finish a lipstick and I keep having these conversations with myself that go like this: do you actually need another lipstick? No. But these look so pretty, and I have hardly any lipstick. Okay, just one, but it had better be a nice, safe beige lipstick.

So I have made a decision that if I am indeed going to buy another lipstick this year it is going to be in a colour I do not already have. I’ve fallen in love with shades of peach, coral and orange lately but don’t actually own anything in these colours, so I got myself this peachy Lancôme Rouge in Love lipstick in shade 106 Jolis Matins.

Rouge in Love

These are R270, so they’re mid-range edging towards pricey for a lipstick in my opinion, but mine glides on like butter and is deeply hydrating. I like the simple but high-quality design of the packaging and the lipstick tube has a luxurious heaviness to it in your hand. It’s not particularly long-lasting but it does leave a soft peach stain behind and your lips stay moisturised for a long time. They say it provides up to six hours of wear but maybe that depends on the shade. It fades evenly and doesn’t land up sitting in any lines if your lips are a bit dry. The colour is semi-sheer but can be built up well. I’m going to love this lipstick to death in Spring and Summer this year! I got mine from Woolworths.


5 thoughts on “Lancôme Rouge in Love Jolis Matins

    • Mother City Mom says:

      It’s just a pity my iPad only takes clear, focussed pictures when it isn’t facing me. So I can never take really clear close-ups of my own eyes or lips. One of the drawbacks of not having a proper camera!

    • Mother City Mom says:

      I’m still after those two MAC lipsticks though, if I can EVER get to Cavendish. I noticed the MAC in Canal Walk has disappeared. It’s so frustrating not living near decent shops. 🙂

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