Nappy Bag Revolution

Nappy bags have come a long, long way over the years. I remember a lot of women back in the day walking around with Winnie the Pooh or Minnie Mouse nappy bags and thinking, “shame, man”. There are so many great local brands which make fun and stylish nappy bags these days. If you want something colourful and quirky, there is Lou Harvey (beautiful, but not for me on a daily basis). I personally went for a gorgeous silk printed Petunia Picklebottom bag in pale dusky pink and taupe-gold. It matched my wardrobe well, and is still lovely enough for me to use when we travel or go out for a day, very similar to the one below. These are hectically pricey though, so there are some stunning but more affordable local options too.

You should choose something that makes you feel good, that suits your personality and that you would happily continue toting after your kids grow up, just because it is a beautiful bag. A nappy bag is an investment because you will be carrying it around every single day of your life for a number of years. Make sure you love it. Also make sure you choose one that has the space and features to make your life easier, like a built-in changing mat. Here are some pretty Lou Harvey options.

I found some locally-designed nappy bags in trendy prints on Clever Little Monkey that I thought I would share too. The Tamelia bags have free shipping. The black bag you have to admit looks nothing like a diaper bag, and is so stylish you can wear it daily without feeling like a mommy pack mule. Expensive, but I love it.


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