A little e.l.f came to visit and it felt like Christmas!

A while ago e.l.f had a 50% off sale online in the UK, but they don’t ship here so I hatched a plan to deliver my haul to a friend in England who very kindly posted them on to me. If you’re reading this, Anna, thanks a million! Because of the sale I only paid R250 for ten items, so although I have been eagerly awaiting this parcel I forced myself to acknowledge beforehand that some of the products might be a bit disappointing. They cost an average of R25 each, hello. Still, when I opened the package I really felt like a kid on Christmas.

These are the items from the Studio range which I ordered for myself. I also ordered a few things from the standard range and there is a definite difference in packaging quality. Above we have the Studio bronzer (golden), HD blush in Diva, matte lipstick in coral, minty gloss in Los Angeles and the Studio stipple brush. I think most of these items were £3.75 each, so I am holding thumbs that I am going to find the quality completely above expectation for the price. I will be covering the products in three reviews (bronzer, lip colours and blush separately) so check back in a couple of days!

Also, let me know which product you are most keen to find out more about?


7 thoughts on “A little e.l.f came to visit and it felt like Christmas!

    • Mother City Mom says:

      That’s the one thing I didn’t think to review! But it has been amazing for cream blush and I tried it with my Dior BB cream this morning and it also worked wonderfully. I will probably use it in a video or two and mention it then instead of doing a post on it. I have washed it twice too, and it doesn’t shed or anything. It’s fab.

  1. Pink Peonies says:

    I would like a review on all the items please 🙂 Seriously, even if you just say: This one is crap, this one is awesome, this one is ok.

    I’m intrigued by the Matte Lip Color though…

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