Mother City Mom has done a 360

I have been aware for quite a while that my blog is no longer what it started out as. I began with the intention of following more of a “mommy blog” format, hence my blog name, but I think that over the course of this year I have found my core interest and my blog has definitely become a beauty blog. It has been a long time since I have written anything about kids’ activities or things specific to moms, and my kids’ fashion posts are limited to the launch of new ranges once every few months.

I have found, or re-discovered, my real passion, the thing that takes me away from the reality and serious business of being a mom (not often fun) and gives me something to enjoy, aspire to, play with and build my self confidence. Makeup and skincare are my version of Madison’s My Little Pony collection…pure escapism, imagination and the simple pleasure of prettiness. Taking skincare seriously is also my way of investing in my future self, as opposed to only investing my time and energy into my child’s future self. Basically, my blog is the one place I can stop being a reluctant and often harassed mom and just be myself.

I do care about green living and being gentle on the earth and on your skin, but I have also realized that as a bit of a generic beauty blogger I need to be open to more brands. I can’t really change my blog name at this stage, but I have removed my tag line until I can think of something more appropriate. What I would love is if those of you who read my blog – and I really want to give a shout out to the amazing fellow beauty bloggers and makeup lovers who have been so supportive – could make some suggestions to help me out. In one line how would you sum up my blog’s personality?

I also want to do a bit of a blog makeover at some point but I haven’t quite decided which direction to go in yet. So all and any feedback would be appreciated.


9 thoughts on “Mother City Mom has done a 360

  1. geewhiskerscharlene says:

    I really love your reviews and you definitely are very talented at writing them. It is so hard to think of a sentence to sum your blog up in. To me it is a warm and friendly place. It feels like I am visiting a friend and because we have met twice and chatted it truly does feel like I am popping in to visit you. I loved our indents discussion at the Hey Gorgeous event about what beauty products we are using. Your videos too really help one connect with you and you engage so well with us, your readers. So yes, one sentence just isn’t enough for me 🙂 XXX

    • Mother City Mom says:

      Thank you, your comment was really touching! I also feel like you are a friend. I don’t really have any real-life friends left (they all moved overseas and I struggle to make friends) so the people I have met through my blog are really the only ‘friends’ I have, a source of support, social interaction, people to chat with etc. It is really interesting to hear how other people view my blog because sometimes I feel it isn’t quite good enough quality. So thank you for your comment ☺

  2. Pink Peonies says:

    I agree with Charlene, one tag line just isn’t enough. You are both a blogger and a vlogger, your blog posts are well written & informative and yet on Twitter you are humorous.

    Makeup to me is my happy place, in the mornings when I apply my makeup it’s almost like I’m having my own personal little meditation moment (or psychologist couch session). I wake up in the mornings and I can’t wait to apply my makeup because I’m constantly trying out new things (it’s like Christmas morning all the time).

    You should def mention that you’re a Stila groupie lol! 😉

    • Mother City Mom says:

      Thank you, that is very kind! I don’t have a lot of followers but the ones I have are so loyal and I know there are a handful of people who will always have a look and something to say 😉. I totally agree, I look forward to doing my makeup too, sometimes I even start planning it the night before when I am falling asleep 😛

  3. fayinthemaze says:

    B, whatever this blog was , is and will become I have always enjoyed your beauty banter. Maybe you don’t need a tagline or to box what it is, maybe it just is. 🙂 xx

  4. marcelle louw says:

    I discovered your blog just searching for things in Cape Town and really enjoy your post. I’m also a mother. We moved down from JHB to Cape Town last year. Love living in Cape Town, but it’s been an adjustment. In my previous life, before having a kid, I use to be an graphic designer. Since moving town, I have set up a little business, designing stationary items for kids. All my own illustrations. All very practical and beautifull. I just love beautiful things for my kid, and these things are sometimes hard to find, and that’s how this all started. I know you don’t post about kids things anymore, but thought you might find my products interesting.

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