E.l.f Studio HD Blush in Diva

I really wanted an HD liquid blush in a more subdued shade, but since they were all sold out I had to select the shade Diva, which is a bright fuchsia. I love the handy packaging of this liquid blush with an airtight pump dispenser, as it really keeps mess to a minimum and allows you to dispense a teeny tiny bit at a time.

This is pretty vital considering you only need a pinhead sized dot of blush on each cheek. This blush is so super-pigmented that a little goes a long, long way. I saw Lisa Eldridge use the Make Up For Ever HD blush in her videos and even though I haven’t tried that I reckon this is a pretty good dupe. Because it is so bright I didn’t have much luck applying it with the stipple brush but managed to get it more natural-looking and sheered-out with my fingers. For £3.75 this blush is a bargain, and the longevity is amazing. It lasts all day. I am definitely going to be ordering more shades with my next e.l.f order!



4 thoughts on “E.l.f Studio HD Blush in Diva

  1. Pink Peonies says:

    Love it! It looks quite scary on your hand but then blends out very nicely! I’m definitely including this blush in my order, I NEVER would have ordered it had I not seen this review. Thank you 🙂

    • Mother City Mom says:

      You absolutely should! Headliner and Superstar look like more natural shades, but they were out of stock. Those two I am definitely going to get the next time I have someone to send them to SA for me. You literally only need a microscopic dot of it. What is on my hand could probably cover my entire body!! This shade is very bright, I actually went over it lightly with a foundation brush with leftover BB cream on it to tone it down. Or you could use some powder, if you make the mistake of using a dot too much. But it blends out amazingly.

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