My Korres Wishlist

So by now we all know Korres is coming to South Africa in November and will be sold exclusively by Edgars. Of the slew of upcoming brands they introduced a while ago, Korres was the one that really brought a smile to my face. I have been wanting these products for a long time, but they don’t ship to South Africa.

The brand is right up my street as it uses natural, plant-based ingredients and is environmentally friendly. I am also pleased to note that the prices are reasonable, with skincare ranging from R95 to R595 and makeup ranging from R80 to R330. I would love to try the skincare, and I will definitely add a mask to my shopping list, but first I need to get my makeup fetish seen to (i.e. cured through the power of retail therapy). So what will I be getting when Korres lands? Here is my wishlist:


I suspect some of these are going to become favourites of mine, perfect for the sunny summer holidays (and they will make fabulous birthday presents too…mine’s on the 17th December).

Which products catch your eye? Visit to see what they offer!


5 thoughts on “My Korres Wishlist

  1. peach says:

    do you know when and where they will be launched in cape town? i heard it was november and went to the waterfront today and the store manager had no clue what Korres was?

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