E.l.f Minty Lip Gloss & Matte Lip Color

Now, these met with my approval. On the whole I have been quite impressed with the e.l.f studio line, and these lip colours are great for their incredibly low price.

Lip Colours

Firstly, the minty gloss is pretty fun to use. I own quite a few lip glosses, and this one is unique in that it is very minty (think Stila Color Balm Lipstick, but even more minty). It claims to ‘freshen your breath’ which is completely ridiculous and impossible. Instead they should have said it provides you with a yummy sweet treat when you are standing in post office queues. The gloss is sheer with sparkle/glitter in it – nothing extreme – and If you lick your lips it is very sweet and highly reminiscent of using Lush Mint Julips lip scrub. Sweet, minty and delicious. I got the shade Los Angeles, a very sheer fuchsia pink. The only downside is a very slim tube which doesn’t hold much gloss. I can visibly see it getting used up.

Minty Gloss

The Matte Lip Color I chose in coral, a nice nude colour which I personally would call salmon pink. It is interesting how the term ‘coral’ can encompass bright pink-reds, oranges and salmon pink shades. I like wearing a matte lip shade for a change, and the plus side is that it is only very slightly drying and applies very nicely with consistent colour transfer, not patchy in the way some cheap lipsticks can be. I would order this in other shades if the opportunity arose.

Matt Lip Color


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