E.l.f Studio Golden Bronzer

This product I had really high hopes for, and it was the one I was most looking forward to. The packaging of this bronzer is much nicer than you would expect for a £3.75 job. It is sleek, matte and very sturdy with a mirror inside. I don’t want to call it a disappointment exactly, because it is a really nice product, but it isn’t quite what I was searching for. I already own a Stila One Step Illuminate, Stila Illuminating Beauty Balm and Body Shop Leona Lewis Shimmer Palette. That’s enough shimmer for one person. You are either a shimmer fan or you’re not, and I find myself mysteriously attracted to it.

I knew it had a hint of shimmer in it, but because it is so sheer and not pigmented at all, the gold shimmer is about all I end up with. The colours in the compact look promising, but you don’t get the colour pay-off. I was really looking for a bronzer which would give me a bit of a tan, frankly, and this doesn’t.

Having said that, it is a beautiful golden highlighter which suits my blonde paleness very well. It also makes a good finishing powder of sorts, and despite the shimmer my pores look less visible. I suppose I will have to buy another bronzer for actual bronzing, but I have a feeling that I am going to use this a lot in summer as a highlighter or for a bit of a glow. They also make a warm bronzer with shimmer and a cool bronzer which is matte, both with slightly different colour combinations.

Elf bronzers


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