Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Quads

I was sent two Avon eyeshadow quads by Beauty Bulletin to review recently, and as I am quite keen on eye makeup this was a nice surprise and a good choice on their part. I have never tried any makeup from Avon before so I was a little wary. I have already submitted this review on Beauty Bulletin, so if you have seen it you can skip this! I received the quads in shades mocha latte and purple haze, and this is what I thought…

Firstly, I liked the packaging. I don’t know how much these retail for but the compacts are a nice, glossy black with a good opening mechanism (no chance of a broken “clicky” bit in the future). The four shades in each compact are numbered one to four, making it dead easy for even the most novice eyeshadow user to achieve a pretty look. It takes the guesswork out of makeup application!

Secondly, the shadows are quite powdery and there is a bit of fallout, but the colour payoff is very good and accurate when compared to the colour in the pan. They apply beautifully with a blending brush or a flat eyeshadow brush and blend easily. I tried the shadows with an eyeshadow primer and without, to see whether it made a difference, and in both cases the shadow didn’t crease at all in seven or eight hours. The colour did tend to fade a bit after seven hours (especially the purples) but there was no creasing and it faded evenly. In summary, I would be happy to use these on a regular basis as the quality and longevity are very good. I was impressed by them and would recommend these eyeshadow quads.

Below is the first video review I did for Beauty Bulletin…the look I came up with for the mocha latte quad.


5 thoughts on “Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Quads

  1. deialucas says:

    HI there, i also found that the eyeshadow fades before my working day has passed. But i also love my 2 quads that i received. I got the Purple haze and Metal eyes shades.

    • Mother City Mom says:

      The Body Shop has a very nice blending brush that I use and can recommend. If you want to spend more on brushes, everyone says the MAC #217 blending brush is excellent.

      I’ve got a slightly bigger rounded brush that I use for doing my overall lid up to the brow, but have no idea where I got it from or the brand! Or you can order a Real Techniques Starter Kit from Amazon for $15.50 which has five eyeshadow brushes and the quality and softness is amazing.

    • Mother City Mom says:

      Thank you! I feel a bit more confident doing them now even though it is a bit like the blind leading the blind! Lol. It is fun, I just hardly get the free time and peace and quiet to do them. I have another couple planned for Spring 🙂

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