Brushes I Love

1. E.l.f Studio Stipple Brush
I got this with my e.l.f order from the UK, frankly because it was cheap, it was on sale (double whammy) and it looked interesting. The Studio range I have been very impressed with, and I am really enjoying this brush. I have found it works perfectly for applying cream blush, which is all I actually use it for. It is my Stila Convertible Color’s best friend. All I do is dab it in the compact and then dot it on my cheeks, and it does all the blending and everything for me in the process. It is so quick and easy to get cream blush looking natural in seconds. The tip is supposed to be white, I just forgot to wash it before taking the photo and frankly it is going to be pink 99.9% of the time anyway.
2. Real Techniques Buffing Brush
This is my new favourite brush. I got the whole Core Collection but this is the only brush of the set which I have actually used so far. It is so soft that it feels like fairies fluttering their wings on your face, and when you open your eyes your makeup is perfect. I use it to apply BB cream and sheer liquid foundation, and it works for mineral foundation and powder too. It gives a wonderful airbrushed effect, not a streak in sight. I reckon in a pinch it would work for applying blush or bronzer too. If you only get one brush in your life, get this one or the expert face brush.
3. The Body Shop Eyeshadow Blending Brush
I always read about the MAC #217 being the best blending brush around, but I haven’t tried it. I have really been enjoying this less-expensive Body Shop blending brush and I can recommend it. It is a good combination of firm enough to pick up shadow nicely but soft enough to not be scratchy at all. I hate scratchy eyeshadow brushes. I actually want to get one or two more of these.
4. The Body Shop Kabuki Brush
This kabuki brush is gigantic. I bought it because it was amazingly dense, soft and silky and I couldn’t stop cuddling it. I was looking for a bronzer/powder brush at the time and settled on this. I think I would prefer a rounded kabuki brush instead of a slanted one, but it just feels so nice on my face that I keep on using it. My Clarins bronzer is quite hard, not very soft and powdery, so I find it a bit difficult to load this brush with it. And I don’t actually own any face powder at the moment, but I am sure that is where this brush would become very useful.


8 thoughts on “Brushes I Love

  1. Pink Peonies says:

    The ELF Kabuki brush is also amazing, I’ve tried using other Kabuki brushes but always find myself reaching for the ELF one.

    I love the Real Techniques brushes – I agree about the foundation brush, it really buffs the product into the skin.

    I haven’t tried any Body Shop brushes but I like the look of that one, will go check it out!

    Thanks, great blog post! šŸ™‚

    • Mother City Mom says:

      I really don’t like the Real Techniques foundation brush, it is actually scratchy! But I really LOVE this one and like the contour one too. I want the powder, blush and expert face brush too. Dying for them.

    • Mother City Mom says:

      I couldn’t believe how affordable and easy it was to order the Real Techniques set from Amazon. Trying a second time, however, isn’t working. The ones I want are add on products only, and now they suddenly add import duties too. You should go have a look though

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