30 Random Facts about Me

I have been meaning to do one of these for a while, and I was spurred on by Nicole from princessnoo.com after seeing her random facts post. Since I can’t find the energy to take the photos I need for other posts right now, here are some random facts about me.

1. This is not a surprise, but motherhood and I don’t always get along.

2. On a similar topic, I once donated my eggs. I never found out, but I hope it helped the couple in Australia who received them.

3. I can play the piano, but not the didgeridoo (a gift from aforementioned couple).

4, I have never broken a bone.

5. I can eat pasta for breakfast, lunch and supper. Often I actually do.

6. I have had a thyroidectomy, so I am on chronic medication to keep my thyroid hormone level stable.

7. I have been married for seven years. To my former boss.

8. I have a Bachelor of Social Science degree in Psychology and Gender Studies.

9. I’ve never done anything with my degree, and now do transcription work instead. I have a very high typing speed.

10. I love the sea, so much that when I go into the interior I feel claustrophobic without the sea air.

11. I have an open water scuba diving qualification.

12. I think I believe in reincarnation. I don’t really approve of organised religion.

13. I did flower arranging competitively since the age of five. I must have had a knack for it because I won a lot of trophies!

14. I can knit, crochet, do cross stitch and tapestry. When I say I ‘can’ do them it doesn’t mean I actually do them any more.

15. I have a purple belt in karate (that’s the one before brown).

16. On my bucket list is to visit Machu Pichu and the pyramids one day. Angkor Wat was on the list, but I’ve ticked it off. I haven’t been on holiday in five years, by the way.

17. One of my favourite books (and movies) is Gone With The Wind.

18. I studied German in high school and university, and used to be a German to English translator.

19. I have always found it difficult to speak to strangers on the phone. I actually put off making or answering phone calls, except to my husband or mom.

20. I am quite shy and prefer to be on my own.

21. My favourite place is the Amalfi Coast in Italy. I consider it my happy place because it is the last place I remember feeling truly relaxed and happy with life.

22. I am not scared of anything except heights. Weirdly, the cable car is fine, but I can’t get up a church bell tower unless I crawl up on my hands and knees. Then I’m too scared to get down again.

23. When I was in high school I had an obsession with Russian history.

24. My favourite sweets are Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles. Which you can’t easily get in this country. Boo hiss.

25. My mom is my best friend. Not sure if she knows this.

26. I put on 28kg when I was pregnant (despite a dietician and special exercise programme) and only managed to lose just over half of it.

27. I have one child and will never, ever, EVER have another one.

28. I used to run, and my biggest achievement was doing the Two Oceans half marathon.

29. I share a birthday with my grandpa, the 17th December, and he is 93 years old this year (and totally sprightly and of sane mind btw.)

30. When I was a child I had an imaginary dog instead of an imaginary friend. I just wanted a dog so badly. Now I have two, a Dalmation and a Jack Russell.


9 thoughts on “30 Random Facts about Me

  1. Pink Peonies says:

    I LOVED reading this!! Numbers: 3, 4, 12, 14, 19, 20, 22 (but scared of the ocean and lightning as well) and 27 are SO ME! On 27 – I always tell people I would probably only be able to stand having one kid and they always tell me that it’s not normal and as soon as I have a child, I would want more. This is PROOF that there are other people out there who have actually had a child and feel the same!

    Thanks for sharing this with us! 🙂

  2. Megs H says:

    I am loving these post’s that all the bloggers are doing about themselves 🙂 We the reader and other bloggers get to know you just a little bit better! Number 28 about you running is awesome and such a great achievement_#Welldone!!!! I look forward to readng more of your Fab Blog! Mwah xxxx

  3. Lauren says:

    HAHA, I hear you. Point 1 and 27 are so true. I have 1 kid and will NEVER have another one. I honestly believe that on most days (more often than not), I am not cut out to be a parent.

  4. Gaelyn Cokayne says:

    Loved getting to know you better, thanks for sharing! I am very different to you, most notably that I have never learned how to do anything crafty (14) and that I want three more children (I have 1 step daughter already!) But what a fabulously different bunch of skills and experience you have!

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