My August Favourites

I decided earlier this month that I’m going to start doing a monthly favourites post with video, but nobody told me that it’s nearly impossible to choose which products are your favourite! It was tougher than I expected because I always tend to think of my newest products as my favourites and I’m therefore a bit disloyal from week to week.

August Favourites

These are some rediscovered products and two or three August purchases which I can’t get enough of. I love the cherry Batiste dry shampoo but I totally forgot to include it in my video. Never mind. Just know it’s my best friend when I don’t have time to wash my hair, and we will leave it there.


7 thoughts on “My August Favourites

  1. deialucass says:

    ONe question, (maby a silly one!) how does one wear a bb cream. Just as is with your normal day’s make up. Or do you wear it underneath your usual foundation? Thanks Mrs. H.

    • Mother City Mom says:

      Not silly at all! It is designed to be worn on its own, therefore eliminating the need for moisturiser, SPF and foundation. In theory, that is. Most either have very little or no SPF and aren’t moisturising enough for dry skin. So I wear it over moisturiser, but I wear it in place of makeup. Some people wear it under their makeup to even their skin further. It depends on your preferences and skin type. For example, the Dior BB cream has low SPF and isn’t particularly moisturising, so I wear a moisturiser and primer under it which has SPF30. I don’t put anything on top because the coverage is fine for me. But the Stila BB cream I find a lot more moisturising and could occasionally skip moisturiser under it, and it also has an SPF30. Long answer, but basically it is up to you how you choose to use it.

  2. OrdinaryMisfit says:

    Love your videos so much. I am going to be a firm favourite of these posts because I love seeing what favourites are. Especially after you’ve used them for a while.
    (And yay for finally being able to comment! )

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