Possibly the greatest blog swap ever

Sometimes you find a bit of a kindred spirit. I have found another makeup-mad blogging shopaholic called Nicole from princessnoo.com. If you have read her blog and seen the mind-blowing giveaways she does, you will know that she is amazingly big-hearted. We have become friends since I won my beloved Stila In The Light palette from her this year, so we decided to do a blog swap. I like to think of it as a gift exchange between friends. If you love makeup chances are you have a wish list as long as your arm of those special items which you might keep putting off buying. So we decided on a high-end, wish-fulfilling kind of swap, set a budget and sent each other wish lists.

Imagine how it would feel if you woke up one day and all your dreams had come true? Thats how I felt when I got my box, a bit like Cinderella must have felt when the fairy godmother appeared! I just hope the box I send her makes her feel as spoiled as I do. I am such a lucky and blessed person. Thank you so much, Nicole!

Anyway, I don’t need a birthday present now, that’s for sure (take note gran, I know you are reading this). These are just some of the things I got in my box. You can click on the images to enlarge.

I will definitely be reviewing a lot of these and giving them the individual attention they deserve, so look out for the posts! I’m sure they will be making regular appearances on Instagram and in my videos too…


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