How I organise my makeup

Makeup organised
I spent ages searching for acrylic storage boxes for my makeup. The one sold by 27Pinkx is beautiful but I was looking for something more affordable than R1600. Finally I found these useful three-layer boxes at Dischem in Canal Walk and also the cosmetic organizers which have lipstick holders and various compartments for standing tubs and tubes in. I have a combination of three storage boxes and two cosmetic holders. They are perfect for stacking and creating a bigger unit as I have done.

The cosmetic organizers are only R49 and the perspex boxes are R60. It is amazing how much they can hold. The boxes have two larger drawers and two smaller ones. The smaller ones are good for things like lipsticks, glosses or individual eyeshadows, or holding a single bronzer/powder compact each. The organizers are useful for anything you prefer to have standing up. I use one for BB creams, foundations, primers and concealers. The other I use for skincare products.

It isn’t as eye-catching or as glamorous as some of the makeup storage ideas I have seen on Pinterest, but it is functional and keeps things at my fingertips. The picture actually looks a bit hectic, but I don’t have a lot of counter space. This keeps my drawers free for things like hair products which I don’t use every day.


11 thoughts on “How I organise my makeup

  1. Laiqah says:

    Soooo IN LOVE! I want this ASAP! Did you buy them recently? I’m in Dischem in Canal Walk so often, I don’t know how I missed these.
    I love the 27Pink one’s too but there’s no way I’m going to pay so much!

  2. Pink Peonies says:

    I love these acrylic holders, they look so sleek! Well done on finding more affordable ones – I’ve also been looking for these types of containers but just couldn’t get myself to spend all that money on a 27Pinkx one.

  3. Nicola says:

    I’ve got two sets of smaller matching drawers. Also three drawers high, same width as the small drawers in your sets. Disappointed I didn’t see this bigger version, would have rather bought that instead.

  4. chantal says:

    The beauty box is a little bit more affordable than the pinx one. I personally like the beauty box one more….. I’m thinking of adding the smaller pieces on my christmas list and just saving to buy the bigger organiser myself. But I love your set up, pintrest glamour is lovely to look at but doesn’t always fit the budget or practical everyday live.

    • Mother City Mom says:

      It was is Dischem canal walk where the cotton wool is (no clue where the sanitary towels are! Lol) but I think they are sold out and haven’t been restocked, because I wanted to get some for a friend and none were left. Maybe we can ask Dischem to get more in?

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