Like a Chanel handbag, for your face

As cool as I think the mini version of the Chanel hula hoop bag is, I think it is time to admit that I will not be owning one in this lifetime. However, I have finally got the equivalent for my face, the most luxurious face powder imaginable. To be honest, I don’t know if I would ever have actually purchased it myself, but I was incredibly spoiled to receive it in my blog swap. I am a sucker for anything that comes in a velvet pouch, and everything from the beautiful creamy compact to the ladylike scent of the powder gives me a thrill every time I take it out.

I normally never wear powder because I don’t have a combination skin that makes my makeup shiny or slide around or need setting. In fact, because my skin is dry I am usually worried about developing dry, patchy areas. The fabulous thing about this powder is that I can wear it the whole day and I don’t get any visible dry or flaky patches. If you have existing dry patches it would be best to treat those first else the power will probably cling to flaky areas.  It is a sheer, buildable powder that can be worn on its own or over foundation and designed to give you a healthy-looking glow. It comes in a range of shades so if you have a bucket of cash looking for a home you could get a few shades, one for each season, and use it as a bronzer too.

I have it in shade no. 20 and it is the perfect colour for my skin. I am so impressed with the coverage I got out of it on its own using the Real Techniques buffing brush. It isn’t going to hide a bad skin day, but it looks really natural and definitely makes pores disappear. Using a big powder brush it finishes off foundation or BB cream beautifully.It contains white rose and cotton flower for sensitive skins. I have no idea what these are meant to do, but it seems to work because my skin is very sensitive and didn’t feel weighed down, clogged or break out. It comes with a decent-sized half moon brush for on the go touch-ups, but this really gives a very sheer, barely there finish.

So if you are looking to spoil yourself or have been eyeing these powders, I can give them a big thumbs up. They are pricey, but special and useful. Like a good pair of shoes. Below is a photo I took a while ago on a day I was wearing only the Les Beiges powder, no foundation or anything else, just to give you an idea of how it looks.



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