I’m Balmy about this Cleansing Balm!

I know I’m being lazy when I find I have nothing much to say, cast my glance around, notice a product I haven’t reviewed and knock up a “this is lovely you should buy it” post. Like this one. I need to focus on quality over quantity frankly, but since this cleansing balm from Clinique is so amazing it does need mentioning. I got mine handed down from a very generous friend, but I would definitely purchase it again for myself.

Take the day off cleansing balm

If Caroline Hirons says it is good, then it is good. Not that my opinion holds anywhere near as much weight, but I honestly think this cleansing balm ticks all the boxes. It hasn’t got much of a discernible smell and turns to an oil as soon as you massage it in. It is so gentle on my eyes that I have literally used it to remove eyeliner from my waterline and it hasn’t stung or burned my eyes whatsoever (although perhaps don’t try that at home). Despite being so gentle it is excellent at removing every last trace of makeup.

My skin is sensitive and prone to break-outs, and this balm hasn’t aggravated my skin at all. I’m very curious to try the Body Shop chamomile cleansing balm which I’m sure is a lot cheaper, but this is probably going to be my holy grail end-of-day cleanser for a long time to come. I still like the REN version, but that can sometimes sting my eyes if I am really trying to remove eye makeup. So far for comfort and effectiveness the Clinique take the day off cleansing balm comes out on top for me.

*R295 from Clinique counters or www.clinique.co.za


5 thoughts on “I’m Balmy about this Cleansing Balm!

  1. Pink Peonies says:

    I ‘swatched’ this balm in the shop the other day and REALLY like the way it feels (and smells). And I love the look of this purple jar. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I bought the Camomile Cleansing Butter the other day and will be doing a review soon.

    • Mother City Mom says:

      I will look out for it! Very keen to try it, but in actual fact this one is brand new and I actually need a new lighter cleanser for mornings. My Dr Hauschka cleansing milk is nearly finished, not sure what to replace it with. Probably Clarins extra comfort cleanser.

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