Benefit Sugarbomb

I got two really great items on Nicole’s blog sale last week, and one of them was the Benefit Sugarbomb blush. I seem to have totally missed Benefit while it was in South Africa. It must have coincided with the two or three years where my whole life was dealing with a baby and the only things I shopped for were baby clothes and paraphernalia. So I was very excited to get this. Weirdly it is described everywhere online as four shades of rose, shimmering pink, soft plum and peach. But I don’t find it particularly pink. Take a look…


I think this is the perfect blush for summer evenings. It has quite a bit of golden shimmer in it, which I love, and is more of a combination of peach, coral and bronze (in my opinion). It definitely looks like a shimmering peach on me. When I look online at pictures of the brush included in their bronzers and blush boxes I have always thought it looked a bit scratchy, but it is actually nice and soft and works really well. I really love how easy the blush is to pick up with a brush and how it blends so smoothly. This blush is long-lasting and should look beautiful on a range of skin tones. If you have a friend in the UK who could pick one up for you for £23.50 and post to you, it is really worth getting. I am already considering asking my friend in the UK for another favour towards Christmas time…


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