Stila Countless Color Pigments Review

The Stila Countless Color Pigments have been available for quite a while, but I resisted buying one because I have read a few not-so-great reviews. Woolworths is having a beauty festival at the moment where you can get R100 off for every R500 you spend, so I decided that at a discount I might as well try one of these. Of the three available in the store I chose Encore, a mix of champagne/beige, plum-pink and brown. I love how pretty these look in the little compact and I like the packaging in general. Because of the way the pigments are baked together no two is exactly alike. The three shades can be mixed together in many combinations, and then a wipe with a cotton pad restores the original design.


I found these shadows to be not as pigmented as I would like. I struggled a little to swatch them and get the colours to show up. The brown was really the most pigmented of the shades.  


Initially I found these shades a bit difficult to work with. I really love the colours, but it is quite hard to get both eyes looking the same because of the way the colours are swirled together, and a takes some practise and playing around to get the hang of it.  Please ignore my mad eyebrows…


I first tried to use one colour on my lid, one in the crease and one in the outer corners, with the champagne colour as a highlight, but couldn’t get the individual shades to show up very well. The second time I tried I kept it a little simpler with a little less blending, and the results were much better. There was a bit of fallout from these shadows which needed tidying up afterwards.

I love the concept and the shades in Encore, and for an everyday look the soft wash of colour is fine for me. I just wish I could get the individual colours to show up more clearly. I might even try to apply it with my fingers rather than a brush, as that’s how I got the clearest swatches on my hand. I think the key is to play around, and I have to admit that these are a lot of fun. I mixed the colours to get a range of looks once I got the hang of it, and discovered using a wet cotton bud to apply the darkest shade created quite a striking plum brown liner along the lash line (I discovered this after taking the photos though, sorry!). Unfortunately I couldn’t get the shadow to really show up well in photos.


They cost R255 each, and I think for the pigmentation the price should have been around the R200 mark. I am still keen to get the shade Groupie, which is the one with the black compact. Woolworths didn’t have that one in stock when I purchased mine, but I have seen it on rubybox. By the way, I also picked up another long-awaited Stila product, and it is an absolute winner! So I will review that this week too. A hint…it is complexion perfect in a tube.

countless color pigments


4 thoughts on “Stila Countless Color Pigments Review

  1. Charlene says:

    Looks really amazing, I understand what you mean about the fact that the colours aren’t going to be match. The compacts are so beautiful! I was so tempted to get one but the reality is after my Bobbi Brown mishap I am trying not to spend too much on things that I don’t need….it is hard!!!

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