My Week in Instagram

I missed my week in Instagram post last week because I decided to do the I Love Summer tag instead, so this is a roundup of the last two weeks. I was very happy to see the Supergorgeous photo-a-day challenge extended to October, so I have been continuing with my daily beauty-inspired photos and having a whale of a time. School is finally back in session (other moms will appreciate the glory of this) so I have a bit of extra time on my hands when I’m not working. Despite feeling a bit low about my blog in general I’ve got a few things lined up, and I’m looking forward to getting on with my Spring Roundup videos before Spring has turned to Summer.


3 thoughts on “My Week in Instagram

  1. OrdinaryMisfit says:

    I really enjoy these posts. Even though I follow you on IG (and LOVE all your photos) it is always nice to seem them together like this.
    That photo on the right second from bottom is my favourite favourite. LOVE it!!

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