Healthy skin and sushi at Dermalogica

I was so lucky to be invited by Beauty Bulletin to their event held at Dermalogica in Wembley Square this past Saturday. I have never used any of Dermalogica’s products before but have always looked at them with longing because I have only ever heard good things about them. The bubbly on arrival and the amazing friendliness of the Dermaologica (and Beauty Bulletin) ladies made me feel right at home.ย I was so happy to see Charlene from Gee Whiskers again and met Naeemah from The Jam Jar as well, so I had some familiar faces around me.

We all received a facial mapping and MicroZone treatment, which for me was the highlight of the morning. I have really troublesome skin that I reckoned would provide them with a bit of a challenge, but the facial mapping (which involves a super magnifying mirror and a thorough examination of the various zones of your face, in layman’s terms) was really interesting and useful in explaining exactly what my issues were.

Because my skin is sensitized and dehydrated my MicroZone treatment focused on repairing my skin’s barrier and adding hydration. I also have a bit of pigmentation (which I wasn’t really aware of) and scarring which needs to be dealt with. These facial treatments take about 20 minutes and can be done in your lunch break (cost R280), and can give you an update on how your skin is faring and targeted treatment of any concerns.

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We also had the opportunity to give our hands a treatment using the age smart products and my hands still felt soft and smooth by bedtime. It was such a treat because my hands are pretty low on my priority list and don’t get a lot of love.

And did I mention there was amazing sushi too? I forgot to take a picture of it because I was too busy scoffing. The other food was lovely too, as was the really pretty selection of teas.

Some of the products which were used in my MicroZone treatment I am definitely going to try and purchase. It must be said that the products are quite pricey though, so this will be a one-at-a-time effort for me. I especially liked the Daily Microfoliant, Ultra Calming Mask and Barrier Repair.


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