New Keedo Online Store

Keedo is a home-grown, ethical children’s clothing brand with unique, high quality collections. I have walked past their stores for as long as I’ve been aware of kid’s fashion but was impressed to discover they have been around for 20 years now! Learning about their social upliftment programmes was also new to me, and I am suitably impressed. I will be covering some of their great initiatives in another post.

keedo logo FINAL

To celebrate their 20th anniversary their website and online store have had a makeover, and I was lucky enough to be given an opportunity to try it out with a R200 voucher. I was really excited to browse their store because for some reason I haven’t shopped at Keedo before. I do a lot of my daughter’s clothes shopping online because I find it a lot easier and less time consuming.

NEW Keedo website 2

If you want proof of how easy their new website layout is to navigate and how quickly you can make purchases, I happened to receive my voucher in the middle of a chaotic day with deadlines looming. It took me about five minutes to select my item, go through the checkout process and pay the balance via credit card. I was really impressed with the look of the new site as well as the really cute summer range. If you are a busy mom or looking for an easy way to order a gift for a friend or family member’s child, then this is a great option. I ordered on a Friday and my order was shipped by Monday via courier. Their delivery is also free, which I think is a big differentiator and will make me a repeat customer.

I ordered the Pure Garden Dress Set for R389, but it was a difficult choice! I like that they also have some special occasion dress up items, like the fantasy tutu. I love the butterfly and flower designs and the colours. I am not a fan of very bright clashing colours – even if my four year old is – and I think these are colourful but tasteful and with a good sprinkling of fresh white added to the mix. These are my favourites from the girls’ section…

The only thing I wish was a bit different is their sizing, as it is not by age. But there is a handy size guide clearly visible on the website to help you work out the correct size. I also find the clothing a bit pricey, even though I’m willing to pay more for quality and to support local business. I would definitely purchase these for special occasions or gifts. And Christmas is around the corner after all… (as I keep on reminding everyone)!


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