Surprises in store at Stila

I follow Stila Cosmetics on Instagram so I have been seeing pictures of the Magnificent Metals Eyeliners for a while now, and I was intrigued. I love a bit of shimmer, glimmer and a metallic finish, so I’m excited to be able to let you know they’re hitting our shores in January 2014!

Magnificent Metals

These eyeliners have a unique formula and I have seen how bold and intense they are in pictures. They look like the perfect party accessory…it’s a pity we didn’t get them before the festive season, but January is still mid-summer and these will be perfect for those summer nights out. I will be doing a review in the next few weeks so be sure to look out for it before they hit the shelves.

There is another exciting-looking product coming at the end of Jan/early Feb for Valentines Day. For those of you who remember how pretty the All You Need is Love blush was (also a LE Valentines Day product) you are definitely going to want to watch out for this one and maybe add it to your Valentine’s Day wish list. I will post all the details and a review in January. Exciting times ahead at your local Stila counter!


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