My Week in Instagram #1

It is a brand new year and this is my first Week in Instagram for 2014! I’ve decided to number these posts to keep track and try to be more consistent with them this year. This is my weekly personal update on what I’ve been up to in ‘real life’ and I think it is a nice break from my usual reviews, so I would love to know if you like them or not. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activities, including celebrating my birthday and Christmas, the shopping that involved, and keeping the Moo entertained. The only ones in the house who have slept late and enjoyed long mid-day naps are the dogs. Lucky buggers.

I considered doing a monthly post called My Month in Makeup with a collage of my daily makeup, but I’ve done that once before and it’s a lot of pressure to do something new every day. I’d love to hear what interests you!


One thought on “My Week in Instagram #1

  1. Ramona Naidoo says:

    I am a big fan of your Blog.
    I love the different looks that you are able to do.
    Please can you do tutorials on the different looks.
    Also I like the monthly product reviews…

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