On My Radar 2014

Nearly every wishlist I created in 2013 was fulfilled, and it hasn’t taken me long to compile my first On My Radar post for 2014. I did a few of these last year featuring products which were either on my shopping list or which I was yearning for. Below are the products which I’ve heard great things about and which I intend to get my hands on during the course of 2014.

I’ve tried the Chanel CC cream in sample size and have fallen in love with it. I actually feel slightly panicky that my sample has eventually run out, because the combination of SPF30, excellent coverage, a great finish and the perfect shade (they only have one shade, beige rose, which happens to be my exact skin colour) make this the product I can’t do without for the remainder of summer.
The other products I’ve been wanting for a while because everybody keeps raving about them, although most I will have to order from overseas (like the Benefit Rockateur and the Balm Mary-Lou Manizer). Every time I have a bit of extra cash I’m going to spoil myself with one of these items. I love having something to look forward to, and ticking these off my 2014 wishlist is going to give me so much satisfaction…holding thumbs!
* Since compiling this I’ve ticked the two Smashbox items off my list already.

9 thoughts on “On My Radar 2014

  1. Nicole (@PrincessNoo) says:

    Great picks hunny – I’m also starting to pop a whole lot of goodies on my ever growing wishlist. I love the Dior Spring collection specifically the blush and pale blue nail polish (eeeeek there i go with the blush) 😦

    • Mother City Mom says:

      I love the Dior compact for Spring that looks like a purse!! It is toooo gorgeous, definitely on my wish list 😉 also love the Bobbi Brown Nude Eye Palette from the Nude Glow collection, and the YSL face collectors palette. Most beautiful blush I’ve seen in forever but what’s the bet they don’t bring it here

  2. Arleen says:

    Can you please do a post of who you order your ‘overseas’ products from? I have recently returned to Cape Town from living in the UK and already missing some of the products I can’t get here. I am happy to order online, just not sure about paying duty and which website are reliable & recommended to use. I love your blog! Thanks x

  3. ShelleyS says:

    Yeah, I would also love to see a post about ordering from overseas please! I get Urban Decay from Beautybay and it’s fantastic, but I don’t know where to get Benefit and TheBalm from. I wonder why we don’t have a South African website that imports these brands (if anyone knows of one, please share). Rockateur and Mary Loumaniser are high on my wish list too <3!!!

  4. Loren says:

    The packaging of The Balm products could not be any cuter! :Great list – I look forward to watching you tick goodies off your list this year – haha 🙂

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