Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick…It’s true love

I got a Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick for my birthday because I had been looking for a powder highlighter, and I chose the shade beige because it was the most neutral and can be used as a highlighter with pink, peach or coral blush – therefore the most versatile of the shimmer brick options. I fell in love with it even before I first brushed it onto my cheekbones. The glossy black compact is high quality and very sturdy and the range of shimmery stripes inside melted my heart a little bit. I’m a sucker for shimmer…might have mentioned that before.


 I have been using it nearly every day for the past few weeks as a highlighter by brushing over the top half of the compact i.e. the lightest shades and applying to cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose. Then I experimented with the darker shades and discovered they are perfect for contouring. When applied in the hollow of the cheeks (okay, I don’t have any hollows, but make a fish face and you’ll get my drift) it creates a contour/highlight in one sweep of the brush. All of the shades contain shimmer, but you get more of a luminous glow than a glitter ball effect.


Recently I decided to skip colour for the day (very unusual for me, but you’ve got to live dangerously, right?) and use only the shimmer brick by applying a single shade from the compact as eyeshadow – I used the darkest – the bottom half in place of blush/bronzer and the top few bars to highlight. A bit of MAC shy girl, my most nude beige lipstick, and some mascara, and I was really pleased with the natural but glowy everyday makeup look that can be created.

20140105-213701.jpg I am so impressed with the quality and pigmentation of the shimmer brick, how soft and finely milled the powder is and how pretty it looks on the skin. In my opinion it gives a flattering luminous sheen that catches the light without making you look oily or sparkly or emphasizing pores (depending where your pore problem areas might be). The shimmer bricks don’t come cheap at R560 but I can understand why some people have whole shimmer brick collections! Available from Bobbi Brown counters at selected Edgars and Stuttafords stores.


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