Stila Magnificent Metals Eyeliner

If you’re looking to glam up your eyes a bit then look no further than the Stila Magnificent Metals eyeliners. I think this metallic gel liner is perfect for an evening out, and adds a bit of drama to your makeup. I received the shade Metallic Black Gold, a deep black liner with a noticeable gold shimmer in it.


I like the packaging as the little pot it comes in is good quality. I haven’t used a gel liner before and I thought it would be a fiddle trying to apply liner with a brush, but it actually applies very easily – even if you’re hopeless at liner, like moi. The colour is very easy to coat the brush with as it has a totally non-liquid texture. It’s a bit spongey and difficult to describe, but your brush never picks up too much product. It transfers nicely without any unevenness.


When I tried to take photos of it on my eyes I couldn’t get my stupid camera to play ball and capture the metallic effect. My kitten flicks need some work too…it looked a bit like a four year old had done it. So I’m afraid a swatch of it will have to suffice, although even the swatches don’t reflect the true blackness as the light picks up a lot of gold. Just take my word for it when I say it is very pretty, okay? *note to self: buy a decent camera*


I actually found this easier to use than liquid liner, and although it is very bold and suited to party season, if you keep the rest of your makeup very simple I think it is also great for everyday wear. It does take a little time to dry in my experience, and I found because my eyes are a bit hooded I got black liner imprints above my eyelid if I didn’t let it set for long enough. Not a good look. However, once it is dry it doesn’t transfer at all. These will be available inΒ Metallic Black Gold, Metallic Black Tanzanite, Metallic Navy and Metallic Gunmetal and will retail for R295. Coming soon to a Stila counter near you!



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