My new favourite makeup brush

Ah, the Burst FD 05 Stipple Brush. It makes me want to burst into joyous song (but I’ll spare you, because Katy Perry I ain’t). I received this brush in my goodie bag from the Cape Town Blogger Meet, and was immediately intrigued by the softness and quality of it. I hadn’t heard of Burst before, so I immediately looked them up.


You can buy a whole range of professional quality brushes online from the Burst Studio website. Most of their brushes are made of goat hair or…wait for it…Siberian squirrel hair, but they also have a synthetic range, one of which is the FD 05 Stipple Brush. They also offer makeup training and a bridal makeup service which can be booked through their site (seems to be Jo’burg area).


Anyway, the point of this post is that this brush has overtaken my Real Techniques buffing and expert face brushes to grab number one spot in my daily routine. Whether I’m applying BB cream, light or fuller-coverage foundation, this is the brush I have been reaching for every morning. It doesn’t absorb a lot of product, which I find my Real Techniques expert face brush does, and it is firmer and denser than the buffing brush, which just seems to lead to 100% flawless, seamless application. You can use it in a circular motion for lighter coverage and a stippling motion to get additional coverage in certain areas. I honestly can’t see the makeup sitting on my skin, and there isn’t the tiniest streak in sight. It’s true love. This is also an exact dupe of the Sigma F80, for those of you who are considering getting that.

True love comes at a cost of R270, but considering it is great quality, doesn’t shed and I’m going to use it daily, it’s my new essential must-have tool. I have also subsequently ordered a Sigma F80 from Turquoise StudioΒ which is R380, and find that to be identical. .Β 


5 thoughts on “My new favourite makeup brush

  1. Anye says:

    I saw your instagram pic and immediately googled Burst. I honestly think we have a lack of great quality brushes available in SA. I agree regarding the expert face brush, it does absorb some of the foundation. I usually use my Sigma F80 (which you can now get in SA online, jippy!). Might just invest in some Burst brushes too. πŸ™‚

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