My Week in Instagram #5

Wow, five weeks into the year already! 2014 has definitely got off to a busy start with lots of new things to test out and I’ve been trying to keep up with the reviews and get more frequent YouTube videos done. This week I discovered that Instagram is an amazing way to do a blog sale, with all my items selling out in about ten minutes. I’m putting the money towards one or two new items from the UK from Benefit and Soap & Glory which my cousin is kindly bringing over for me. On the home front, I’ve made a new rule that The Moo isn’t allowed sweets except for on Fridays, and it has made a noticeable difference to her hyperactivity and destructiveness. I never believed that sugar makes kids hyper, but whatever the cause, it is working. Does anyone have a similar experience or thoughts on this?

And I have embraced a healthier eating philosophy myself, not really a diet as such, but I’ve been choosing healthier options than 2 minute noodles nine times out of ten. I am not really fazed about losing weight and don’t even have batteries in my scale, but I will see how I feel as time goes on. I’m betting my dresses will stop shrinking in the wash. Good luck to those really committed ladies doing weight loss challenges out there, and here’s to a healthier 2014!


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