Me-Minutes with Justine

I’ve never tried any Justine products before, so when I received a Justine hamper centered around their Tissue Oil range I was quite excited to unpack the bag! Besides a range of lovely Tissue Oil goodies I also received a Vida-e voucher to have a peaceful cup of coffee one morning…bliss.


Me-Minutes are those rare moments when you can get away from the constant demands of work, kids, ringing phones, to-do lists, emails, and social media even. I completely understand where they are coming from with their Me-Minutes campaign, because having a shower, doing my makeup and my skincare routine are just about the only times where I feel like I’m doing something just for myself.

Their February catalogue has some good specials on the Tissue Oil range, such as if you buy the Tissue Oil Facial Treatment with Rosehip you receive the Tissue Oil Skin Repair Face Cream valued at R245 for free. They are also running a Me-Minutes competition during February where you stand to win various prizes from Justine Tissue Oil hampers to a day of pampering valued at R20 000. You can view the catalogue, find a consultant etc. on the Justine website, or follow them on Facebook for more details.


I will be reviewing the Tissue Oil Facial Treatment with Rosehip and the Tissue Oil Treatment Hair Mask during February, so look out for them if you’re interested. I have decided that this is the perfect opportunity to give away some Me-Minutes pampering products on my blog, so my first review is going to include a Justine Tissue Oil giveaway (and a Console jar full of baked treats to have with your coffee break).


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