Clinique Superprimer Review

I’ve tried quite a few primers in my search for a primer which has a noticeable benefit. I am still a big fan of the Stile One Step Illuminate when I’m looking for added glowiness, but at the moment I am just looking for something that will make my makeup last longer, have a bit of a mattifying effect and stop makeup from disappearing around my nose and chin. I’ve noticed that my t-zone has become quite oily – unheard of for me – and being on a Clinique streak this year I thought I would try their Superprimer. Since I do have a bit of redness I opted for the yellow one which theoretically corrects redness*.


What I love:
1. The texture of this primer is lovely. It reminds me a lot of the Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch, which is soft, velvety and matte.
2. I can see a difference in my skin, as it seems to smooth my skin out a lot and really makes my pores look less noticeable.
3. Although it is mattifying, it isn’t drying, so I don’t get dry patches on my cheeks.
4. It helps to prevent my concealer settling in fine lines under my eyes.
5. It really seems to improve the longevity of my makeup. My nose and chin get less oily and my makeup doesn’t melt.


What I don’t love
1. There isn’t much that I don’t love, except the fact that there is a whole range of different coloured Superprimers to correct specific issues like redness, dullness or discolorations. Mine is supposed to correct redness but doesn’t seem to make any difference to redness whatsoever. Even with makeup on my nose still tends to look a bit like Rudolph’s.
2. I think they should have stuck to the original Universal Superprimer because the different variants are a nice way to market and sell more primer, but don’t seem to really work to colour-correct. As a primer it’s great. For colour-correcting you’re better off buying a targeted product for that purpose like the Stila One Step Correct. Just a little caveat here…I haven’t tried the other tinted variants of the Clinique Superprimer, so for all I know they could correct dullness and sallowness perfectly. I can only really comment on the one for redness.

My verdict? A big thumbs up, redness issues notwithstanding. I would recommend the Clinique Superprimer if you’re looking for a good all-round primer to keep things in place and stop you getting too shiny during the day. Retails for R320 and can be bought online at with orders over R500 being free (so chuck in a Chubby Stick!).

*Although I am a Clinique Insider for 2014 this product was not sent to me for review. I purchased it myself.


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