A Beach Wedding

Some of you might remember I went to my friend’s beach wedding in Paternoster last November and had the huge responsibility, and honour, of doing her wedding makeup. This was quite an out-the-box wedding, as in the bride wore turquoise and wanted to look…well, basically makeup-free. My brother was also the Maid of Honour whose job was to hold the dog, rather than the bouquet. We went barefoot on the windy beach and had a picnic afterwards. It was so beautiful and relaxed.

I had to put my thinking cap on. I couldn’t decide whether flashback at night or sunburn by day was more to be avoided. The makeup had to last like Plascon Wall ‘n All but still look like it wasn’t there. Kath (the bride) and I had a little tussle over the need for eyeliner. Kath is also very pale skinned and opted not to have a spray tan for the wedding, so I couldn’t use much bronzer else her face would have clashed! Anyhow, this is the look we ended up with and I think I made her happy. The photos below were taken by Kim du Toit Photography.

I thought I would do a tutorial of how I created the look and what products I used because it is so simple and fresh it is perfect for everyday wear.

Kath Wedding


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