Bourjois CC Cream

While waiting for Chanel to get stock of their CC cream in (it was on my 2014 wish list) I watched a Lisa Eldridge tutorial where she used the new Bourjois 123 Perfect CC cream on Sophie Dahl. The fact that she looked so beautiful and radiant might have been down to the fact that she is, after all, Sophie Dahl, but when I saw this CC cream in Clicks I couldn’t resist grabbing one in the hopes I could capture some of the prettiness!

I made the mistake of checking the shades on the back of my hand after self tanning…yes, I’m a dork…so chose shade 32 light beige instead of the one which would have been ideal for me, shade 31 ivory (as used on Sophie Dahl). It’s a shade too dark but it’s summer so I can just about get away with it. I really like this CC cream as the coverage is good and I’m recovering from a bad skin couple of weeks.

Bourjois CC cream

What I love

  • The coverage, as I mentioned, is pretty good.
  • There is a good range of four shades and it has a partner product, a CC eye cream (two shades) which I think is a cute idea. It makes me want to get both products just because they match…
  • It blends well into my skin and doesn’t look heavy or cakey.
  • It is supposed to correct fatigue, redness and dark spots. I think it just evens out my skin really well and does conceal redness, which is all I’m really after.
  • It feels comfortable to wear, quite hydrating but still has a semi-matte finish.
  • It only costs R159

Things to be aware of

  • Although this CC cream is reasonably long lasting I’m not sure if it would suit oily skin. I did a little test because my skin has turned combination in the past few months, and when I don’t wear a primer under it I find that it has done a disappearing act around my nose and chin by lunch time. This is easily solved by using mattifying primer (try the Bourjois Happy Light Matte Serum Primer), setting with powder or just reapplying a bit around mid-day. But if you have really oily skin or can’t be bothered with touch-ups I’d give it a miss.
  • This leans more towards a foundation than a tinted moisturiser.
  • You would probably need to use this on a daily basis over a prolonged period of time to tell whether it has any long-term effect on dark spots.

Available from Bourjois stands at selected Clicks stores for R159.


4 thoughts on “Bourjois CC Cream

  1. Amy says:

    Hey MCM 🙂 I may be absolutely ignorant to ask this question, But what is the difference between BB & CC Cream? When BB Cream came out, it was massive and we all had to have it. I LOVE my BB cream, I use the Garnier cream, but lately I’ve seen so much advertising around CC Cream. When I saw your post it was a MUST read as I am so interested to find out the difference? And what would possibly be better for me to use. xxxx

    • Mother City Mom says:

      They are more or less the same thing (marketing gimmick I think) but CC creams tend to focus a bit more on coverage and colour correcting skin tone, eliminating redness etc. It depends on your skin type really but I find the CC creams slightly more matte and not as shiny/glowy as the BB cream I’ve tried. The Bourjois one is a good choice, it has good coverage, hides a lot of flaws and lasts well through the day

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