The Affordable Blonde Hair Brighteners

A while ago many bloggers received an amazing tailor-made box of John Frieda products to celebrate Valentines month. In addition to some really useful treatment products I received the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Tone-Correcting shampoo and conditioner designed to remove brassy tones from blonde hair. I was quite excited because I have a seriously Marilyn Monroe-esque blonde ambition and rely quite heavily on purple tinted shampoo to keep my ash blonde silvery and stop my natural golden-bronze tones from making an unwanted appearance.


I have heard one or two people mention in the past that this shampoo hasn’t worked for them, so I was hopeful but didn’t have sky-high expectations. I think it is important to bear in mind that how you colour your hair (tint or highlights), your natural colour and hair type probably all play a role in whether a product will work for you or not. I was in fact happily surprised on the upside by this shampoo and conditioner. I colour my own hair using the Schwartzkopf Color Mask in Pearl Blonde, and when my hair starts to regrow and the colour starts to fade a bit I do get more golden tones which I try to eliminate. I think this isn’t quite the same as highlights gone brassy. The shampoo itself is quite a dark purple with the conditioner being a pale lavender.


The Sheer Blonde shampoo definitely does a good job of keeping my hair more ash-toned for longer. I have been using the Natur Vital silver shampoo for quite a while now, and although it is a bargain at R49 and works well, it unfortunately has quite a drying effect on my hair. That’s why in comparison I was impressed with the John Frieda offering because the shampoo is definitely more hydrating and leaves my hair softer, less tangled and in better condition than my wallet-friendly buddy Natur Vital. And at R99 each for the shampoo and conditioner it is still an affordable option. I really tried to think of some downsides to provide a balanced review, but I honestly can’t think of any which I experienced. I just add the caveat that the ability to remove brassiness can depend a lot on the way your hair is colour treated and other factors.

Tip:ย My trick is to leave the shampoo on my hair for three to five minutes, as you would with a hair mask. The longer you’ve got the purple on your hair the better, in my opinion.


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