My Favourite Beauty YouTubers

There is nothing I enjoy more on a Sunday afternoon to get into bed with my iPad and catch up on YouTube. I love watching makeup tutorials, hauls and monthly favourites videos because sometimes it feels more interactive – probably the wrong word – than reading blog posts and you get a lot more information as well as the visual aspect of seeing products in action. A lot of these YouTubers you have probably heard of or watch yourselves, but I thought I’d include a list of my favourites. You never know, you might find a new vlogger to add to your sub list. You can click on the banners below to see the YouTube channels and subscribe.

Lisa EldridgeLisa Eldridge is one of the first people I subscribed to on YouTube and I still make sure I watch every video she uploads. Besides being ridiculously pretty her videos are professional and really useful when it comes to recreating makeup looks at home.


The RAEviewer is a more recent discovery but she is one of the YouTubers whose videos I always click on first. She has a ton of interesting makeup and does reviews of new collections, makeup tutorials and favourites videos.


An old favourite of mine and also one of the first beauty bloggers I followed on YouTube, Viviana Does Makeup is a really nice “girl next door” approach to discovering new makeup and skincare products. The same applies to the link below, Lilly Pebbles. Both cover the whole beauty spectrum from drug store to high end. I follow both of their blogs and the posts which include videos are usually my favourite.

lillypebblesamelialianaAmelia Liana is another of the British beauty blogger contingent who I enjoy watching. A lot of these women look so flawless in their videos, which is inspiring in itself. Amelia Liana (above) and Alix from I Covet Thee (below) are both so pretty in their own way and it is interesting to see their different approaches to makeup and what products work for them. I really enjoy their favourites and hauls, and like Viviana Does Makeup and Lilly Pebbles I also read their blogs – the videos are just the cherry on top of really great beauty blogs.


Then below I’ve got two American channels which I enjoy. I love Elle Fowler’s videos, which are really well done, because I like her Southern accent. She’s like Scarlet O’Hara with a gigantic makeup collection and really pretty decor! She also throws in the occasional book review, recipe for home-made granola and some other topics like health and fitness. She actually has a few YouTube channels for various topics.



Flowerbomb31 was recommended to me by a friend and although she looks pretty polished she is just a mom like me who loves to collect makeup. So I can identify with her in a way. Her sound quality is quieter than the others and the set-up not as picture perfect, but she is really enthusiastic about her makeup – especially blush – and her enthusiasm is catching.



I have to include All Dolled Up (above top) and Superficialgirl (above) because there aren’t very many South African vloggers who I subscribe to who regularly upload videos. I think they do a great job of producing quality videos (need to get some tips!) which are really fun and informative. All Dolled Up is for the makeup/skincare addicts and Superficialgirl is a pretty pastel explosion of fashion and beauty bits. Both are linked to blogs which I follow, but I like watching them in person too, and Carlinn looks like a Disney Princess.


There are so many others I’d like to mention, but this post is becoming horrifically long so to keep things under control I will end off with Wayne Goss, who I’m also sure most beauty bloggers already follow. You can tell this is a man’s YouTube channel because there are no pretty candles, flowers and YSL lipstick displays in the background. But as a professional he knows his stuff, and gives really great makeup tips. Those little things you would never have thought of? He’s got them covered.


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