Revlon Colorstay Shadowlinks

I like gimmicks and the concept of buying individual eyeshadows that can click together to form a custom palette quite appeals to me. Yardley brought their range out last year and now Revlon has introduced their Colorstay Shadowlinks. I received a special edition magazine from Clicks with four vouchers amounting to R30 off if I bought four (retail price is R45 per shadow). I can’t resist a voucher, so off I went to Clicks to check them out.

Obviously I ignored the wide range of purples, blues, yellows and greens and went straight for the neutrals. A few of the light shades didn’t show up at all when swatched, but I quite quickly chose the shades sand, taupe, java and chocolate because they seemed to have decent colour payoff. Then under the influence of various decongestants and antihistamines I swapped chocolate for blush, a pale pink matte shade which I hadn’t swatched. The shadows come in either pearl, matte or satin finishes. After a decent amount of tinkering at home here is the verdict. Please excuse the bad photos in this post. I blame it on aforementioned medication.

1. Blush (matte, pale pink)
This shade is the one I didn’t swatch in store, and it is pretty awful. It takes about ten layers and a vicious amount of rubbing to get anything to show up in a swatch. The shadow also applies very unevenly.

2. Sand (pearl, pale gold beige)
This is a pearl finish but contains quite a bit of obvious glitter. This swatched quite nicely in store but isn’t very opaque on my eyes. It can be built up somewhat, and applies more evenly than the blush shade. It looks okay in the inner corners of my eyes but Stila Kitten definitely kicks it’s butt.

3. Taupe (satin, taupe)
This shade I do like. I’ve noticed that the quality improves the darker the shades run. This shade applies evenly and has decent colour payoff, with the finish being more satin and less glittery than sand. The satin finish has a sheen to it but none of the Shadowlinks are really metallic like some Urban Decay shades are. They just contain more or fewer shimmery particles. This makes a nice crease shade.

4. Java (pearl, warm toned brown)
This is definitely my favourite shade of the four and has the best pigmentation. Java also contains particles of glitter, but I like a bit of sparkle as long as that’s not all that ends up on your eyes. In this case the colour applies evenly, blends very well and has great colour intensity. I don’t have a shade quite like it, so I think I will be getting a decent amount of use from this one.


Yes or No?

These shadows are very affordable at R45 but I’ve concluded that some of them are probably not worth the cost of their packaging. I think the target market for these shadows is the less discerning, younger population. With an eyeshadow primer I found these shadows didn’t really crease, but they did fade over the course of about four hours. However they didn’t disappear completely.

If you are starting out with eyeshadow and looking for a few really affordable shades, or looking for a some “just for one season” trendy colours but don’t want to invest in pricier shadows that won’t get long-term use, then they are worth swatching in store. A few shades like Taupe and Java (Greige was also nice) are good value for money. If you don’t like sparkle in your eyeshadows you might be hard pressed to find very many shades you like, as the mattes were outnumbered.


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