Lush Easter Eggs

I really love Lush (ja, ja, who doesn’t?) and I haven’t ever reviewed any of their products. Since I was a huge fan of their Christmas range I decided I had to try a few of their Easter things. The Easter collection is quite limited and expensive by Lush standards, but the gleaming golden egg bath ballistics just appealed to my inner Puss in Boots or something and I could not resist. I got a Golden Egg (R55) and a Candy Fluff Egg (R42.50).


The Golden Egg

This was the priciest Lush ballistic I’ve ever bought and I’m not quite sure how they justify it, but it was a beautiful thing. When you put it in the bath the first thing it does is release sparkling golden glitter into the water (much oohing and aahing ensued). It does turn the bath water a bright yellow, so if you’re not a fan of bathing in water the colour of wee then perhaps skip this egg. It has a “honey caramel’ scent, but although it does smell lovely I didn’t think the scent was as strong as Think Pink or Twilight. The glitter isn’t just a coating on the outside but seems to be included in the majority of the egg, which I loved. It also left me with some gold sparkles after I had dried myself off. I am as happy to be coated in glitter as a pig would be to be coated in mud. It also left my skin very soft. The Golden Egg took a long time to dissolve completely.


The Candy Fluff Egg

 The Candy Fluff Egg is a lot like the Think Pink. In fact, to me it is basically a Think Pink in egg form. All it really does it make your bath water pink and it is strongly scented, so much so that you can smell a single egg in a Lush bag when walking into a room. I really loved the scent of this and I do love bright pink bath water, but this was my less favourite of the two. It also didn’t have the creamy moisturising effect of the Golden Egg which left my skin feeling so soft. The Candy Fluff Egg doesn’t take very long to dissolve completely. I think the Think Pink is quite a bit cheaper than the Candy Fluff Egg, so in my opinion you’re better off maybe getting a Think Pink instead.


3 thoughts on “Lush Easter Eggs

  1. geewhiskerscharlene says:

    The ballistics are very expensive! The most I spent was on the Valentines Lockets. My favourite ballistic is probably the dragons egg or Lord of Misrule.

  2. fayinthemaze says:

    The dragons egg is one of my favourites, and that golden egg sounds amazing, but definitely pricey. I was not too impressed with Spacegirl other than the beautifully coloured bath water.

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