New from Clinique | Fluttery lashes and pops of colour

I’ve been waiting for Clinique to launch their pop blushes this April because these are some of the prettiest cheek colours I’ve seen in a long time. They packaging is real love at first sight stuff, adorable bright gerbera daisies in four shades. On the day I planned to go searching for them in stores I was surprised by an unexpected delivery from Clinique containing not only a Pop Blush in Plum Pop but also their new Lash Power Feathering Mascara as well. I just wanted to make clear that although they were sent to me, the blush was already on my shopping list so this isn’t an obligatory post by any means!


The way the blush is moulded into a daisy makes it difficult to put a brush to. You know some products are just too damn pretty to destroy? Luckily the blush is firm enough that even with many, many uses it won’t lose the daisy design. I’ve heard more than one person mention that the texture reminds them of a cream blush, but I don’t find that at all. It looks and acts like a powder blush in my humble opinion. The blush applies very sheer but it can be built up with no struggle at all, so it is really versatile in that way. Whether you prefer a barely there wash of colour with a bit of brightening, or a more noticeable flush of colour, this will appeal in both cases. It doesn’t contain shimmer but somehow manages to catch the light on your cheekbones and give you natural-looking radiance, which makes this such a beautiful blush to wear. Plum Pop is rather oddly named, because it is a pretty cool toned pink. It should have been called Pink Pop. I’m a bit perplexed. Next on my list is Ginger Pop! It looks like the perfect coral bronze colour for Autumn.


Mascara is such a personal preference that whether you like the Lash Power Feathering Mascara or not is really going to depend on what you look for in a mascara. I have recently moved away from the volumising false lash effect mascaras more towards the natural and defining, and this mascara is the best in that category I’ve tried to date. It is apparently waterproof but can be removed with warm water, which I haven’t tried (I stick to makeup remover) but it is indeed easy to remove. I find it really lengthens my lashes, and although it doesn’t do much curling or volumising it defines every individual lash and so your lashes looks seriously fluttery, and you can add numerous layers for added definition without any clumping whatsoever. It’s a very natural-looking everyday mascara which I adore. It doesn’t smudge or flake either. The only downside is that it doesn’t work on my lower lashes at all. The large feathery wand bristles get no grip on my short lower lashes and deposit no product. Oh, and I think the packaging is a bit of a let-down. The matte silver plastic tube looks a little cheap, especially compared to Clinique’s shiny High Impact Extreme Volume mascara (which I love too btw.!).



9 thoughts on “New from Clinique | Fluttery lashes and pops of colour

    • Mother City Mom says:

      I like that it is sheer so you don’t make the mistake of applying too much on the first brush, as I tend to sometimes do, and then having to try and sheer it out afterwards. It’s so much easier to add another layer or two to get the colour you want! And they are so pretty to look at!

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