Chanel Les 4 Ombres Tisse Rivoli Review with swatches


I’ve had this quad for quite a while now, and it has been my introduction to Chanel eyeshadows. I am glad I waited for the new Les 4 Ombres quads to be released in March because they are beautiful as well as pigmented and high quality, and I’ve seen a few complaints floating around about past Chanel quads. The two most neutral of the new palettes were Tisse Rivoli and Tisse Mademoiselle (which has more golden/khaki undertones), and I decided to go for Tisse Rivoli first. These quads are inspired by the iconic Chanel tweed and each eyeshadow in the compact is textured. Under the store lighting they sparkle like fairy dust and it takes some serious willpower not to say “I’ll take one of each, please!”

The four shades in Tisse Rivoli can be described as follows. I tried to take a few swatch photos in different lights from different angles, so I’ve numbered them.

1. Metallic cream/beige with a slight pink undertone

2. Metallic light brown with peach/rose gold tones

3. Taupe with fine golden shimmer particles

4. Warm plum brown (matte)

The pale beige colour is a highlight shade, but it is very similar to my skin tone so I prefer to use my beloved Stila kitten shadow in the inner corners of my eye. I use the two lightest shades sometimes on their own if I want a very natural looking eye, and use all four if I want something more dramatic. I absolutely love the taupe with shimmer in it, and use the darkest brown shade least often. The colour intensity is really good and what you see in the compact is what you get on your eyes. The shadows are also really soft and easy to work with. I do get a bit of glittery fallout from the taupe shade so I make sure to brush any mess away afterwards. At R700 these quads are very pricey (considering you can get a 12 shadow palette of outstanding quality in the Urban Decay Naked range) but I had a little dream of being able to do a full face of Chanel makeup, and all I needed was shadow…

In the photo below I am wearing all four shades. I think this quad really suits blue or green eyes!

Tisse Rivoli


2 thoughts on “Chanel Les 4 Ombres Tisse Rivoli Review with swatches

  1. Tanya says:

    Wow! The Rivoli is gorgeous on you! I wouldn’t have guessed that it would make the blue eyes pop like it does! I got 3 of the new palettes but not this one. The Mademoiselle palette also has warm and cool browns that work surprisingly well. Sometimes the high end makeup is absolutely worth it.

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