Mothers Day Wishes

I might complain about being a mother about 364 days a year, but I’m willing to embrace the concept of Mother’s Day. My child is only four and she’s saving for a trip to India to see tigers in the wild (whatever!) so I doubt she will be getting me anything, but last year I started a new tradition where I buy myself a Mother’s Day gift. This is my wish list for myself, from which I will pick one special treat. But which one…? Hmm.



2 thoughts on “Mothers Day Wishes

  1. Luzanne ❤️ Pink Peonies ❤️ says:

    MAC Fix+ and Sigma F80 – I hope your husband also gets you a gift! I honestly don’t know what I looked like before I started using MAC Fix+ and the F80 does a splended job of blending in your foundation for an airbrushed finish. Sounds like I’m trying to sell them to you haha! 😉

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