Hair Heroes

I’m on a hair roll. I’ve gone from washing my hair with whatever was lying around, leaving it to dry while I sleep and brushing it once a week, to using really great products to protect and hydrate and even doing a bit of styling! This is definitely the year of the hair for me. These are what I’m currently using and loving. Warning: This is a bit of a long post!

First up I have switched from the John Frieda blonde shampoo, which I really enjoyed, to the L’Oreal Professional silver shampoo. I feel like I’ve upped my game with this one, because although it isn’t as affordable as the John Frieda it is definitely worth it and the purple power is definitely more intense. As a result it does an even better job of getting rid of brassy tones, while leaving hair in top condition, as you would expect from a salon product. I think I have found my HG shampoo. It’s true love. Retails for R191 from Retailbox.

I follow it up with the L’Oreal Professional Vitamino Color conditioner which is designed to protect coloured hair. I’ve used this conditioner in the past and I still feel quite a devotion to it. It smells amazing, like raspberries, and just leaves my hair feeling as soft as baby bunny fur. I like that it is also protecting my hair colour at the same time. Retails for R215 on Retailbox.

I never start drying my hair without first applying the Kerastase Elixir Ultime hair oil. I’ve got the Moringa one for damaged hair, but it also comes in a pink version for colour treated hair and a purple version for fine and sensitised hair. I got mine on sale from Retailbox, where you can still get the gold version, Elixir Ultime Versatile Beautifying Oil, for R445. If you want one of the other variants like this one you can try Everything Hair, which sells the range for R470. This hair oil has made a dramatic difference to the softness and smoothness of my thick hair, and it also acts as a heat protectant. It is so nourishing and smells really nice. I’d describe the scent as woody floral, not too sweet or girly. A little goes a long way, as I only use one or two pumps, so this lasts a long time and makes it worth the price.

Babyliss and FHI Heat Go

Then since having wild cave lady hair isn’t my thing lately, I’ve been putting more effort into styling my hair. These are my tools of choice. My favourite brush is the Tangle Teezer which I find works best when hair is wet. I use it in the shower to brush my hair after I apply conditioner to really get the knots out. I also use it as a daily hairbrush but because my hair is so thick sometimes removing tangles isn’t as painless as it claims to be. I’ve featured the cute flowerpot Tangle Teezer in the picture, but I also have a standard one. They range in price from R159 on Takealot for the standard one, to R260 on Retailbox for the adorable magic flowerpot versions.

I got my Babyliss Sublime Touch curling tongs at Clicks for R275. They come in four sizes up to XL with a max heat setting of 180 degrees. Mine works like a bomb and makes curling my hair pretty easy. If I want straight, sleek hair I use the FHI Heat Go styler. This retails for R775, while the Go Mini version is R255. This is a really good quality straightening iron and a fantastic option if you can’t quite stretch to a GHD (like poor little me). You can get the Mini from Takealot and they are also stocked by Foschini. You can check their Facebook page for more info.

Schwarzkopf BlondeMe Shine Spray

When I’ve finished blow drying and/or styling my hair I finish off with the Schwarzkopf BlondeMe Shine Magnifying Spray. I got this from a Tosca salon and can’t remember the price, but Retailbox sells the BlondeMe range. This spray adds shine and UV protection and also smells delicious.

That is a round-up of my most loved hair products of the moment. There are a few others which I use as well, but perhaps I should save those for another good hair day! I’d love to know which products you’ve been enjoying and recommend.



6 thoughts on “Hair Heroes

  1. geewhiskerscharlene says:

    Really love all these products. I know what you mean about upping ones game on hair care. It is a little funny how we both posted about hair care today 🙂 I ordered the Pureology hair care products for dehydrated hair – can’t wait for it to arrive. Although I am really loving my Davine’s products. I a, so getting myself a curling tong now!!!!

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