Product Empties

I find I hardly ever actually finish a product. I always seem to leave a bit in the bottom and eventually throw all the nearly-empties away. When it comes to makeup, I have never finished anything except mascara, foundation and concealer. The day I completely finish a bronzer or a blush will be a first (and I’ll let everyone know!). These are a few products which I have used up to the last drop recently and which I have either already repurchased or would repurchase in the future.

Product Empties
Stila Illuminating Beauty Balm ****
A big thumbs up! I would consider repurchasing this in the future because it smells gorgeous. I give it four stars because the only downside is quite a light coverage. And at R395 it’s pretty expensive for a BB cream.
Diorskin Nude BB Cream ****
I absolutely adore this BB cream and it is one of the best I’ve tried. This is more of a light foundation and doesn’t provide enough hydration to be considered a true BB cream. It cost me R345 and I would rather purchase a foundation in its place.

Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado *****
This gets five stars because it is a holy grail product for me. I’ve already repurchased this and I’m half way through my second tub. It’s R295 and it is worth every single cent.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit ****
This was my go-to concealer and I still consider it among the best out there. I have repurchased this already in the same shade, beige, but as winter is coming and I’m deathly pale it’s a shade too dark. I’m going to finish my Soap & Glory Kick Ass concealer first, my new true love.

Clarins Extra Comfort Cleansing Cream *****
Five stars again because I can’t fault this cleanser in any way. I would definitely repurchase it as soon as I’ve worked my way through the Nuxe cleanser I replaced it with. This is just the best cleanser for dry and sensitive skin. A little pricey though.

Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator **
This gets two stars purely because it smells lovely, like lemon, and because it leaves a pretty radiant glow on the skin. Other than that, it did nothing to lighten pigmentation. Wouldn’t repurchase this. At over R600 the price is ridiculous for the results.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair ***
This gets three stars for being a cult beauty product. It broke me out when I started using it, but after that cleared up I didn’t have any further problems with it. I didn’t see a dramatic difference in my skin but my skin did feel good and it seemed to help get rid of the severe dryness I was experiencing last year. I haven’t repurchased it as I am having much more visible results with my Paula’s Choice serums.

Clarins Instant Light Brush-on Perfector *****
Another holy grail product for me. I have already repurchased this in shade 00 in preparation for winter whiteness. This lightens, brightens, erases shadows, isn’t drying and looks natural on the skin. Easy to blend in and conveniently packaged in a click pen. Winner. It’s R355 (I think) but it lasts quite a long time and it’s worth splurging on.

Balm Balm Frankincense Cleansing Balm ****
This I have already repurchased and I’m nearly finished my second jar. Of all the cleansing balms I’ve tried this is the nicest to use. It smells nice, works incredibly well at removing grime and makeup and leaves my skin feeling really nourished. Sometimes I wish it was a bit easier to massage in as it is quite thick and waxy, but for the way my skin feel afterwards this is a tiny price to pay.


3 thoughts on “Product Empties

  1. sonneillon says:

    I love reading empties posts. It really gives me a good idea of what to try next. I’m very interested in trying Kiehls in general (haven’t used any!) and the Clarins Instant Light Brush On Perfector. My skin loves Clarins, so it’s definitely a brand I want to explore. I’m currently finishing up my Dior BB cream (I actually bought it ages ago due to your blog!) and I love it, but I’m with you – I want to replace it with a foundation (specifically the new Chanel velvet thingie in the black shake bottle).

  2. Prettiful Blog says:

    I love the balm balm cleansing balm, another favourite of mine is the body shop chamomile cleansing balm. I need to try the Stila bb, the bronzing one is disappointing, and I love the cc1

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