The Un-Fashionista’s Guide to Winter

I’m not really a fashion person. I keep up to date with trends (as in, I know what they are…) but I don’t tend to follow them. I just buy what I like, and I’m quite consistent from winter to winter. I like cosy, chunky jerseys, leather boots – Tsonga is my absolute favourite boot brand – scarves and jeans or knit dresses. Not madly fashion forward, but classic. Yes, let’s call me classic. It sounds nicer than “frumpy, can’t-be-bothered mom wearing jeans from 2011”. I always pick creams, tans and browns as my first choice, and animal print always features somewhere, so I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite creamy beige items for winter 2014. These are all currently available.

Winter Picks
All of these items can be found online at Woolworths, Truworths or Tsonga. No need to go out in the rain to get them…

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