One moisturiser, one month

At the beginning of May Clinique sent me a new moisturiser to review. My first thought was that there was no way my face could handle yet another moisturiser thrown into the mix, but I decided the best way to test it properly would be to use just that one moisturiser day and night for an entire month. Now I am really glad that I did, because my skin is hugely improved since last month. I’m not saying it is all down to the Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief, but in combination with my serums the simplicity of it just did my skin a world of good.

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief is a gel as opposed to a cream. It is a simple, no-frills moisturiser that basically just hydrates and contains no other ingredients to address any particular skin concerns. It also doesn’t contain an SPF. I loved that it was pink (shallow, but true) and how light it was. The texture reminds me of my Chanel Hydra Beauty Gel, but it doesn’t contain alcohol. It feels slightly tacky on application but is quickly fully absorbed, leaving my skin feeling very comfortable and without any oily residue. It contains aloe and is oil-free and fragrance-free.


This gel formula is suitable for all skin types and targets dehydration. Even though it isn’t rich or creamy it keeps my skin feeling hydrated all day and night, but the bonus is that my skin doesn’t get oilier as the day goes on either. It just gets the balance spot on. I also like that you can apply it over makeup if you develop any dryness during the day. Even though I didn’t get any dry patches I put this claim to the test and it actually works without messing up your makeup.

Now, although this is my favourite of all the Clinique moisturizers I have tried and I didn’t have any downsides to report, I have to emphasize that the massive improvement in my skin was probably more due to the treatment and serum I use underneath this moisturiser. I consider this a final-step top-up product for hydration and comfort. All my anti-aging, radiance boosting and skin tone correcting ingredients come from the two Paula’s Choice products which I layer underneath – these are the skincare products I use for long-term benefit. So it is worth bearing in mind that this is the equivalent of giving your skin a glass of water, not a fruit and veggie smoothie.

Final verdict: I absolutely love this moisturiser and it is working so well for me in combination with my other products (and an SPF) that I will continue using this day and night. If you can’t be bothered with serums and want to get skincare benefits from your moisturiser, then this isn’t the one for you. But if you are just looking for a hydration boost for dehydrated skin, then this is a winner. It’s R465 at Clinique counters or online.


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